Assessment without Levels


Firstly, let me say, I am glad that levels are going. I feel that it is a step towards getting pupils to be good mathematicians, rather than trained monkeys we get to jump through hoops to get certain grades(we can save that for Key Stage 4 and the new GCSEs).

The only issues I have are with consistency. I am happy that we could come up with a solution to our needs as a maths department, but would it be suitable for communication to parents, comparison with other subjects, comparison with other schools, progress since primary school etc.

My idea is for a system based upon pupils knowledge on certain topics, and that pupils have 4 levels of knowledge.

0. A lack of knowledge and an inability to grasp a mathematical skill.

1. An ability to perform a mathematical skill accurately.

2. An ability to apply a mathematical skill to solve problems and link to prior knowledge.

3. An understanding of why a mathematical skill would be applied and the inter-related nature of topics.

Below is an example of how it could work as an assessment sheet.

New Maths Assessment Percentages

If pupils complete the sheet and it is marked, they should have a clear idea of their level of knowledge. At this point, they could fill in a grid, or potentially a survey online created using a form on google drive, so that you and the pupil both have a record of their ability levels on different topics.

Percentages form capture

In terms of reporting to parents, and consistency across subjects, would percentages of each of the 4 categories above work? Could you split up topics in English and assess whether pupils can use a technique, link techniques, or explain why techniques are used?




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